MFTSMilitary Flying Training System
MFTSMining Flow-Through Share (tax credit; Canada)
MFTSMicro Finance and Technical Support
MFTSMulti-Functional Transport Satellite (weather and aviation control)
MFTSMidwest Federation of Temple Sisterhoods (Jewish organization)
MFTSMaximum File Transfer Size (computing)
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RAF Valley Station Commander Group Captain Bruce Hedley said: UK MFTS have done an outstanding job of getting us to where we are today.
This qualitative study examines the impact of marriage and family therapy (MFT) training on the marriages of trainees.
The first clinical training experience or practicum for graduate students in a Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT program is one of the most important aspects of the entire training program.
Katherine: I saw a therapist (MFT) on and off for a few years; sex never was discussed.
Another issue in training MFTs involves making sure they master new theories and the vocabularies that go with them.
Most MFT programs provide a thorough review of these evidence-based models while consistently reinforcing the basics of structural and strategic theory through hands-on training.
On the basis of the success of the school counselor alumni peer consultation group, the counseling faculty is developing a similar group for marriage and family therapy (MFT) graduates.
MFT are required to test on the oxygen transport system, metabolic calculations, anatomy and physiology and several other physical fitness areas.
That is, when a good deal of variability exists in a job shop and a conversion to a cellular shop reduces that variability, MFTs can decrease even when the conversion results in some intercell flow.
Between advanced schooling, professional military education, leave, projected moves, borrowed military manpower, physical profiles, company responsibilities, and taskings from outside the company, we were barely able to man two 5 to 6 person MFTs. This was continuously one of our greatest challenges.
The PC-21 could well be selected as a replacement for Britain's Shorts-built Tucano as part of the Military Flying Training System (MFTS) operated under a 25-year contract by the Ascent consortium of Lockheed Martin and Babcock.
BAE Systems BAE Systems' bid to become fixed-wing aircraft service provider for the UK's Military Flying Training System (MFTS) has taken a step forward, with the signing of exclusive memoranda of understanding with three organisations.