MFUMae Fah Luang University (Thailand)
MFUMinnesota Farmers Union
MFUMost Frequently Used
MFUMen's Fashion Unity (Japan)
MFUMaritime Fishermen's Union (Canada)
MFUMiles for Upgrade (air travel)
MFUMilitary Families United
MFUMotorFlugUnion Klosterneuburg (flying club/school; Austria)
MFUMultiple File Uploader
MFUMarket Facing Unit
MFUMavericks Fans Unite! (musical fan group)
MFUMusic For Unity
MFUMaxillofacial Unit
MFUMichigan Farmers Union
MFUMetaFrame for UNIX (Citrix)
MFUMajor Fleet Unit
MFUMidpeninsula Free University (Palo Alto, CA)
MFUManufacturing, Formulation and Use
MFUMobile Filtration Unit
MFUMulti Functional Unit
MFUMelbourne Free University (Australia)
MFUMission Folder Update
MFUMain Function Unit
MFUMiddle Finger Up
MFUMeeting Follow Up
MFUMinistry of Finance of Ukraine
MFUMinimum Flow Unit
MFUMetabolic Fuel Utilized
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When MPU and MFU header are parsed, the timestamp and Group_Info of a sub-frame have to equal to those of the other sub-frames.
Third, the small numbers of patients with LFA, MFU, and MFRU prevented evaluation of these configurations as a function of age.
I am Mfu, not a bit romantic, a water spirit, a voice from deep in the Atlantic: Mfu jumped ship, made his escape, to find relief from his grief on the way, long ago, to Brazil or Georgia or Carolina-- he doesn't know which; but this is real, not a sentimental landscape where he sleeps free in the deep waves, free to speak his music: Mfu looks generously in all directions for understanding of the white men who came to the shores of his nation.
According to MFU head Zuahir Al Murbati, the bulldozers started working around 1.30am yesterday.
Risk Response System Used by Respondent S/N Systems MFU 5 FU 4 U LF LFU NR TS MS RNK RMK 3 2 1 1 Risk mitigation 50 40 24 10 1 35 125 3.57 2nd FU 2 Risk avoidance 90 40 12 8 0 35 152 4.34 1st FU 3 Risk transfer 65 32 15 6 6 35 125 3.54 3rd FU 4 Risk acceptance 25 44 27 8 5 35 109 3.11 4th U Mean 128 3.64 Std Deviation 15.45 0.29 MFU-Most frequently used; FU-Frequently used; U-Unsure; LF-Less frequently used; LFU-Least frequently used; NRNumber of responses; TS-Total score; MS-Mean score; RNK-Rank; RMK-Remark Table 7.
Values were expressed as mFU units per well (a) or as percentage of control cells without Hx-XO (b).
The SPYDER-SR (Short-Range) system is centred on a number of truck-mounted Missile Firing Units (MFU) equipped with a Rafael Toplite Optronics pod for surveillance, identification and target tracking.
Financial Monitoring Unit of Pakistan MFU was the first body who started interrogation on the matter and wrote a letter to National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan known as NAB.
You won't have to do it now if you submit your transaction through Amfi's new platform called Mutual Fund Utility (MFU).
mfu pfr bm "I think they've been stolen," Denise said.
Proposed VIS has two units, vague logic unit (VLU) and the median membership function unit (MFU) as shown in Figure 4.