MFWPMontana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (also seen as MTFWP)
MFWPMediterranean Fin Whale Project (Tethys Research Institute; Italy)
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This would be supported by recent population estimates for Rainbow Trout in this section of river, which have been relatively high and growing in recent years (Grant Grisak, MFWP, pers.
The MFWP is also exploring the utility of cheaper monitoring methods including hunter sighting surveys at voluntary hunter check stations, and post-season phone surveys used to measure deer and elk harvests.
In 2010, we used structured interviews of 20 MFWP and cooperating agency biologists to assess the state of knowledge regarding moose population status, management, and factors of concern within Montana (Appendix A).
The goals and objectives behind moose hunter harvest quotas vary somewhat across MFWP regional jurisdictions.
Trends in tribal harvest are similar to that of the MFWP (Fig.
Ramsey, MFWP, unpublished data) and 49% prevalence (n = 165) was detected in Wyoming (Henningsen et al.
Accordingly, during fiscal year 2012-2013 the MFWP began directing moose permit auction funds toward a new research program to address these research needs.