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Additional considerations discovered during the development and transfer of these overlays was the requirement to use correct symbology resident in the symbol palette of the 2D mapping system rather than the drawing tools available to the MFWS. Failure to use the resident symbology resulted in rejected items in the PASS topic manager.
During the RSOI portion of the rotation, brigade analysts, the MICO all source intelligence technician, and DCGS-A FSRs worked with brigade communications personnel to conduct a validation exercise to verify basic connectivity between all portable MFWS, the ISR fusion server, and the network.
Additionally, analysts configured the entity extraction and auto plot configuration interfaces of the MFWS to receive and display friendly graphics from other brigade systems.
For complex virtual environments such as the DCGS-A MFWS, the fastest way to teach, record, and distribute to the force is through videos.
Reading step-by-step the "buttonology" of setting up a simple map within the MFWS is outmoded and inappropriate considering the complexity of the system.
Data resident within these IFS are accessible via the DIB using either the DCGS-A MFWS or DCGS-A Lite BAL.
Due to the constant rotation of J-2 personnel, network analysis products created from Link Diagram are saved to the Tactical Entity Database (TED) within MFWS. The ability to save products to the TED has two significant advantages.
The current DCGS-A architecture involves each Portable MFWS "pointing" back to a local Intelligence Fusion Server.
(2) FSRs configured each Portable MFWS, regardless of the role or echelon assigned, to connect to the SIPRNET IFS located in the IPC for access to appropriate databases and server functions.
These overlays, developed through the MFWS 2D Map functionality, were sent through the Publish and Subscribe Server maintained by the S6 section on SIPRNET and successfully plotted by S2 Operations and Plans personnel on the Command Post of the Future platform (CPOF).
re MFW S'holders Litig., an independence designation was challenged
director obtained a seat on the board by virtue of the MFW's CEO