MFXMidi Effects
MFXMulti Effects
MFXMetzler Fund Xchange
MFXModel Effects
MFXMicrorover Flight Experiment (US NASA)
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the AMEs show the impact of the explanatory variables on the probabilities that the debit card is perceived as most useful (Mfx on usefulness of debit card) and that cash is perceived as most useful (Mfx on usefulness of cash), relative to the reference groups.
ADSCs with fibrin glue NS and microfracture (MFX) versus MFX alone in patients with symptomatic knee cartilage defects Pers et al.
SAVE: PS35 GIRL H| MFX A pure breed bike helmet, Sports Direct.
mfx, at() Marginal effects after logit 0,46766446 y--Pr(aprov) (predict) variable dy/dx Std.
In above equation the dependent variables contain NOE: non-oil exports, AGX: the exports of agricultural commodities, MFX: the exports of industrial goods.
Furnishing of new maintenance contracts for Xerox & Toshiba copiers, also of Murated mfx telefax machines.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 3, 2014--MahiFX to offer banks MFX Compass e-FX suite
While future Xpress versions will support additional file inputs such as AVI, MOV, and MFX input, including both ProRes and Avid DNx HD, output support will continue to be limited.
LATE and ATE are calculated using Stata "mfx" command for naive models, and Terza, Basu, and Rathouz (2008) definition for 2SRI models.
The MFX Bone Collector uses HIT inserts that accept conventional broadheads.
As part of the agreement, MFX a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, will re-sell AgencyPortal, AgencyConnect, and BookSmart to its customers along with its core solution offering, the MFX Integrated Insurance Platform.
Also new this year is the MFX Bone Collector JR ($90), designed specifically for bows set at less than 50 lbs.