MFYPMidwifery First Year of Practice (New Zealand)
MFYPMoney for Your Phone
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Follow-up was by an email with an electronic link to the survey sent to the 251 MFYP participants who had a valid email address (six were returned as no longer in use).
There were 415 new graduate midwives who completed the MFYP programme between the years 2007 and 2010.
Comparisons between the demographic data of the survey respondents and the demographic data of all MFYP programme participants were made to determine whether the respondent group was representative of the total MFYP participant group (Table 1).
Ethnicity was similar between the respondent group and that of the total MFYP cohort.
The MFYP programme includes formal education for mentors to prepare them for the role and ongoing support mechanisms are established.
These are documented in the graduate's professional development plan (PDP) at the start of the year, reviewed throughout the programme and discussed in the MFYP Midwifery Standards Review at the conclusion of the programme.
Support in preparing for the MFYP Midwifery Standards Review
Within the MFYP programme the mentor and the graduate are required to meet regularly or as identified by the graduate midwife.
For the majority of graduate midwives there was great satisfaction with the MFYP programme but there were a few who felt unsupported and who identified some dissatisfaction.
The increasing acceptance and support of graduates is an unanticipated positive consequence of the MFYP programme.
The unique feature of the MFYP programme is its flexibility for the individual graduate whilst also providing a formal framework.
The MFYP programme supports autonomy with graduates enabled to have a range of choices.