MFZMeat Free Zone
MFZMandatory Frangibility Zone (airfields)
MFZMystical Forest Zone (Sprite comic website)
MFZMofunzone (game website)
MFZMo-Fun-Zone (gaming website)
MFZMissile Free Zone
MFZMoose Factory Zone (Ontario, Canada)
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The languages which have both FM = MFZ and MF = FMB are Kariyarra, Pitjantjatjara, Ngan'Gikurunggurr, Ritharrngu, Ngalakgan, Yir Yiront, Umpila, Ayabadhu, Kok Koper, Oykangand, Ogh Undjan, Yuwalayaay, Wangaaypuwan, Parnkalla, Kokatha, and Antakiriya.
These are not recorded as having the typical Kariera polysemies FM = MFZ and MF = FMB.
These latter ones were between men and their classificatory M, MM, ZD, WM, Z, MFZ, or DD.
Dr Belhoul mentioned Masdars role in establishing the Nordic Innovation Hub at MFZ, referencing it as further demonstration of the companys leading part in support of innovation initiatives in Abu Dhabi in particular, and the UAE in general.
64 percent increase in registered companies in Masdar Free Zone (MFZ) 627 visas processed by Masdar City One-Stop Shop for MFZ tenants
W drain and development of MFZ on both sides of carriage ways of 80m R/w road (UER-III) as per UTTIPEC Section from Western Yamuna Canal to PremAdhar in Rohini Phase IV & V.
Delivery of a mobile workstation logistics GW-L1 to E DIN 14555-21 and a multi-purpose vehicle for the MFZ "Technical specifications for multi-purpose vehicles" of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior.