MFZMeat Free Zone
MFZMandatory Frangibility Zone (airfields)
MFZMystical Forest Zone (Sprite comic website)
MFZMofunzone (game website)
MFZMo-Fun-Zone (gaming website)
MFZMissile Free Zone
MFZMoose Factory Zone (Ontario, Canada)
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Major organization : MFZ MNCHNER FRDERZENTRUM GMBH (DE212)
The languages which have both FM = MFZ and MF = FMB are Kariyarra, Pitjantjatjara, Ngan'Gikurunggurr, Ritharrngu, Ngalakgan, Yir Yiront, Umpila, Ayabadhu, Kok Koper, Oykangand, Ogh Undjan, Yuwalayaay, Wangaaypuwan, Parnkalla, Kokatha, and Antakiriya.
The maximum flooding zone (MFZ) is located between levels 18 and 20 (meters 42.82 to 45.04), where a turnaround from a retrogradational to a progradational stacking trend is produced and inside a geochemical change, surface 1, would represent the maximum flooding surface.
ba'a: F, FB, FZS, FFBS (m.s./f.s.), MFZS (m.s./f.s.); terme de reference et d'adresse.
clutch kit mfz 430 (430-032-035-034: 100 032 - pressure disk, 100 035 - driven disk, 000 034-clutch) or 32 3482 000 209- pressure disk, 49 1878 085 641 - driven disk, 34 3151 001 051 - off clutch.
Mohammed Al Fardan, the head of MFZ, said: "Masdar Free Zone is an integral part of Masdar City, and also the launchpad for new and innovative ideas and collaborative partnerships in renewable energy and clean technology.
These latter ones were between men and their classificatory M, MM, ZD, WM, Z, MFZ, or DD.
HST highstand systems tract LST lowstand systems tract mfz maximum flooding zone Named as an interval as it is not possible to make out a determined layer as maximum flooding surface.
drain and development of MFZ RHS carriage way of 80m R/W Road (UER-III) as per UTTIPEC Section from Auchandi Bawana Road to Helipad Road D/o land at Rohini Phase-IV & V construction of full width of Master Plan Road.
Contract award notice: The city of Bad Kreuznach procures a multi-purpose vehicle (MFZ 3) with loading GW-G on a rolling stock consisting of a chassis and body (Lot 1) and a fire-fighting load (Lot 2).
Dr Belhoul mentioned Masdars role in establishing the Nordic Innovation Hub at MFZ, referencing it as further demonstration of the companys leading part in support of innovation initiatives in Abu Dhabi in particular, and the UAE in general.
64 percent increase in registered companies in Masdar Free Zone (MFZ) 627 visas processed by Masdar City One-Stop Shop for MFZ tenants