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MG2Metal Gear 2 (game)
MG2Mucin-Type Glycoprotein
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Both Mg1 and Mg2 reveal similar six-coordinated octahedral geometries.
The line, which was set up at an MG2 facility in Pian di Macina for FAT purposes, required flexibility in the design of the different machines making it up and it covers all the packaging phases up to the end of line.
The power electronics modules will take in the torque demand for the small sun gear motor (MG1) and driving motor (MG2) from the hybrid controller and control the torque output of the two permanent magnetic motors by controlling the terminal voltages.
In phase I, the brake clutch B1 is engaged while the vehicle is propelled by MG2. In phase II, the brake clutch B1 is disengaged while the brake clutch B2 is engaged.
where [T.sub.f] and [T.sub.MG2] denote the output shaft torque and MG2 torque, respectively, [[omega].sub.f1] and [[omega].sub.MG2] denote the output shaft speed at the first gear and MG2 speed, and and K2 denote the gear ratios of the gear train.
Secondly, the structural components of the model, namely, the factor loadings, were tested for invariance across the two groups (MG2).
En general, los participantes de los tres palenques y de todas las generaciones coinciden en que siempre ha existido discriminacion hacia los malecus por ser indigenas y selalan que esta situacion persiste en el presente, con toda la carga de prejuicios, estereotipos y racismo que ello conlleva (F1, F2, MG1a, MG1b, MG2, SG1, SG2, SG3a, TG1a, TG1b, M1).
En concordancia con lo expuesto, de acuerdo con lo informado por los participantes, al parecer no se produjo en su caso una represion sistematica contra su idioma vernaculo, una prohibicion expresa de parte de los maestros de hablarlo o un castigo (fisico o verbal) hacia quienes hubieran sido encontrados conversando en la lengua autoctona en la escuela, ni siquiera hace unos sesenta anos, durante la ninez de los adultos mayores del presente (F1, F2, MG2, MG3a, SG3a, TG2, TG3a, TG3b).
En cuanto a la categorizacion del malecu lhaica en el conjunto de las variedades linguisticas, al lado de las formas 'hablar, habla, hablado' (con seguridad traducciones de la denominacion en la propia lengua vernacula), se le etiqueta como 'idioma' o 'lengua' (F1, F2, MG1a, MG1b, MG2, MG3a, SG1, SG2, SG3a, SG3b, TG1b, TG2), 'lenguaje' (SG2, SG3a, TG1b) o 'dialecto' (MG1c, MG3a, SG1, SG2, TG1b, TG2).
and etc; famous retailers & shopping mall group representatives are from Wal-Mart, Red Star Macalline, Watsons, Novo Mania, Buynow, Renrenle Commercial Group, Rainbow Department Store, EGO, Decathlon,Wang Steak, Xiabu Xiabu Restaurant Management and etc; well-known architecture design company representatives are from Jerde, RTKL, BENOY, Callison, Cendes Architecture, MG2 architecture design, Sunlay Design, IMG3 Landscape, MAYHO Design, YouchangCommerce Design Organization, Tianhua Architects and etc.
I label this method 'MG2' to distinguish it from the simpler ('MG1') estimation method used by Moffitt and Gottschalk (2002), Hacker (2008), and Hacker and Jacobs (2008).