MG3Maschinengewehr 3 (German machine gun)
MG3Mobility Group 3 (tourism; UK)
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The MG3 has proved to be a car that deserves to be taken seriously.
Outside of the ability to customise your car, the MG3 comes with a relatively simple range of choices.
Interestingly the MG3 was the car that really kick-started the revived brand for Chinese owners SAIC, after the larger MG6 model failed to make any major inroads in the UK market.
If you need a roomy hatchback, try the MG3. It is cracking value with prices starting at PS9,495.
You'll get a Dacia Sandero for less but it won't look as good and the interior will not match the MG3's, which has also improved tremendously and, like the exterior, takes many design cues from the ZS.
A converted MG3 will be eligible to race in the MG Cup in 2019 with entrants under 25 paying half the usual entry fee.
MG now has two cars in its model range which sport a 7 year manufacturer warranty, with the newly launched New MG3 joining the popular MG ZS compact SUV.
A much larger version of which now takes pride of place on the newly styled front of the MG3, complete with bolder radiator grille.
If you chose the MG3 or the brand-new MG ZS, there is no deposit to be paid.
American Education Properties acquired Renaissance Charter for USD 22,297,330 and Kid's Community College for USD 8,208,100 from ESJ Capital Partners and MG3 Developer Group.
One of the problems in this ultra-competitive part of the market is standing out of from the crowd and with its distinctive lines, large headlamps and air scoop and narrow grille dominated by the large MG badge the MG3 is still something of a novelty on British roads.
Manufactured at Rheinmetall's factory in Dusseldorf, it was first known by the new German army (Bundeswehr) in caliber 7.62x51mm NATO as the MG1 and then, as a consequence of several PIPs (Product Improvement Programs), the MG1A1 (aka MG42/58), MG1A2 (aka MG42/59), MG1A3 MG1A4/MG1A5 (coaxial versions without bipods), MG2 (MG42s converted to 7.62x51mm) and finally the MG3. Licensed production of the MG3 included Greece (Hellenic Arms Industry SA), Iran (Defense Industries Organization), Italy (Beretta, Luigi Franchi and Whitehead Moto-Fides), Pakistan (Pakistan Ordnance Factories), Spain (SANTA BARBARA, Fabrica de Armas de Oviedo) and Turkey (Makina ve Endustrisi Kurumu [MKEK]).