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MGALMemphis Germantown Art League (Tennessee)
MGALMounted Games Association Luxembourg
MGALMega Gallon
MGALMilli-Galileo (unit of gravity)
MGALMarine Gravity Acquisition Limited
MGALMultichannel Gradient Adaptive Lattice
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In the 1980s the gravity values of USSR reference points in the international gravity system IGSN71 were used and older datasets were converted to the IGNS71 by using the constant correction of -14.0 mGal, determined in Potsdam (Morelli et al.
Los efectos gravimetricos del terreno varian entre -285 mGals a 78 mGals, con un valor promedio de -171 mGals y desviacion estandar de 100,7 mGals.
Caption: Figure 5: (a) Gravity anomaly of Figure 4(a) contaminated with random noise with standard deviation of 0.0005 mGal and average 0.001 mGal.
The gravity response is a progressive mass excess starting from the northern CIZ to the CU, where the misfit related to the observed data reaches a maximum amplitude of [approximately equal to]5 mGal (black dashed line in the top diagram of Fig.
[sigma](g) = [square root of ([STDEV.sup.2] + [F.sup.2.sub.pol] + [F.sup.2.sub.per])] = [square root of ([0.06.sup.2] + [0.011.sup.2] + [0.010.sup.2] = 0.062 [approximately equal to] 0.06(mGal).
TABLA I DESCRIPTIVOS DE LAS CORRECCIONES Y ANOMALIAS CALCULADAS Variable Minimo Mediana Media Maximo (mGal) (mGal) (mGal) (mGal) Correccion atmosferica 0,460 0,870 0,863 0,870 Correccion Bullard -5,41E-06 7,48E-06 6,10E-06 9,84E-06 AB total -291,460 193,850 178,093 455,290 AB atmosferica -290,880 194,720 178,960 456,160 AB Bullard -291,330 193,930 178,178 455,360 AB combinada -291,000 194,650 178,874 456,080 Variable Desv.Est.
La anomalia de Bouguer a lo largo de la cadena del Zagros muestra un minimo de -220 mGal, que corre paralelamente al orogeno, indicando la presencia de una raiz cortical.
[g.sub.T] = 978031,85(1+0,005278895 [sin.sup.2]([??]) + 0,000023462 [sin.sup.4](2 [??]) mGal) (1)
Irrigation consumes by far the most groundwater, about 75 percent, or 1,280 mega-gallons (Mgal) per day, which is higher than the national level of 64 percent (National Ground Water Association, 2001; U.S.
La estructura principal en la cual parece estar contenida esta caldera posee una anomalia gravimetrica negativa entre--15 y -40 mGal, con valores maximos al sureste, en el volcan Platanar (Kellogg & Vega, 1995).
Value of acceleration of gravity has decreased since the onset of measurements by -0.118 mGal and -0.100 mGal at Byczen and Sosnowa respectively.