MGAPMinisterio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca (Spanish; Uruguay)
MGAPMammary Genome Anatomy Project
MGAPMiddle Grades Acceleration Program (Charleston County School District; South Carolina)
MGAPMinnesota Greek Alumni Partnership (University of Minnesota)
MGAPMaster Gardener Association of the Piedmont
MGAPMammalian GTPase (Guanosine Triphosphatase) Activating Protein (genetics)
MGAPMiddle Grades Advancement Programs
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Respiration, Abdomen/Thorax, Motor, Speech), Revised Trauma Score, START and MGAP (Mechanism, GCS, Age, arterial Pressure) (Table-2).
We welcome your input on the MGAP program, as well as the training and education programs that accompany it, because they are designed to help you.
This component will assist MGAP to identify a national Reference Emissions Level, and/or Reference Level (REL/RL) for the forest sector.
Farms audited under a documented MGAP Program are listed here in alphabetical order.
Look for highlights and photos of the Kennett Square, PA annual street party in the Mushroom Festival Celebrates 25 Years and find your name on the list of audited farms in MGAP Update.
During recent farm visits with Food and Drug Administration officials, growers pointed out how the MGAP program had resulted in better quality mushrooms, more systematic sanitation procedures and a better understanding by their employees of their role in food safety.
MGAP Update includes a new poster and commitment form to be used to train new employees.
The Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAP) program has been enthusiastically embraced by the industry with more than 60 farms successfully passing a MGAP audit.
LaBorde and AMI members further expanded this into a complete food safety program--"Guidelines for Developing a Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices Program--Compost Preparation to Product Shipping" which detailed the standards of a mushroom specific, good agricultural practices program, which became known as MGAP.
Growers really stepped up to the plate in setting up MGAP programs on their farms, dealing with all the documentation and getting their workers involved in the process.
Sergio Nieto-Montenegro outlined the MGAPs development process and the various educational sessions and training tools developed for the benefit of the mushroom industry.
With the acceptance of MGAPs throughout the industry, it is clear that growers and packers see the importance of food safety.