MGCEMulti-Generational Civic Engagement (Administration on Aging)
MGCEMultifocal Giant Cell Encephalitis
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CTE or MRE examination was performed before MGCE examination to exclude intestinal obstruction.
All patients underwent gastroscopy and colonoscopy before or after MGCE examination.
The main outcome measurements are as follows: (1) gastric examination time; (2) small bowel transit time; (3) the completion rate of stomach examination; (4) the completion rate of small bowel examination (the capsule across the ileocecal valve during examination time); (5) the diagnostic yield (the rate of positive findings) and sensitivity of MGCE in both the stomach and small bowel examinations; and (6) the occurrence of adverse events.
Of the 84 patients, 25 (29.8%) had positive findings on MGCE and all positive findings were confirmed by DBE.
Comparisons of Positive Findings on MGCE and CTE/ MRE.
During the last 10 years, we have accumulated some experience and skill in operating and reading MGCEs in minors, and we found that after scanning the stomach, the MGCE has enough battery power to provide high-quality images while investigating the small bowel in minors.
In this study, the sensitivity of MGCE for gastric examination of minors was 100%, which is higher than that in adults (61.9%) [18].
In this study, MGCE had a high diagnostic yield of small bowel lesions in the IBD group, which is comparable to that of CE for the small intestine (87.5% vs.
Gastrointestinal bleeding is another important indication for MGCE. In group II, the diagnostic yield of MGCE is 31.8%.
Therefore, large-scale clinical trials confirming the clinical value of MGCE in minors with abdominal pain are still needed.
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