MGCIMedia Gateway Control Interface
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Gallego mentioned that this was the first ever Bonsai Show Exhibition and Competition that the MGCI was presenting in joint cooperation with the Bonsai Roots headed by its President Lou Van Steenweek.
Likewise, there were strong positive correlations amongst the MGCI Positive Sad, Anxious, and Guilt subscales (rs ranged .67 to .77, p < .001), as well as the MGCI Negative Sad, Anxious, and Guilt subscales (rs ranged .53 to .74, p < .001), and the MGCI Positive and Negative Guilt subscales (r = .36, p < .001).
Two one-way MANOVAs were performed on the MGCI negative cognitions and positive cognitions subscales, respectively.
A one-way MANOVA performed on the positive coping subscales of the MGCI was also significant (multivariate (3,75) =4.41, p < .01, [[eta].sup.2] = .023), with significant univariate F tests found on the MGCI Positive Sad (F(1, 77) = 4.42, p < .05, [[eta].sup.2] = .0029) and Positive Guilt subscales (F (1,77) = 10.74, p < .01, if [[eta].sup.2]= .015).
The importance of religion rating was entered on the first step, followed by the GI Total score and SGI Intrusive Guilt subscale, and then three MGCI negative thoughts subscales on the final step (see Table 4).