MGCLMari Gas Company Limited (Pakistan)
MGCLMoto Guzzi Correspondence List (motorcycle)
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9, Banisia argutula male genitalia (Florida, Homestead, MGCL slide 3040); 10, B.
Cognizant of the increasing gap between the country's energy demand ad supply shortages and in acknowledgement of government's endeavour in resolving this crisis, MGCL feels obliged to play its part in the country's efforts in enhancing its indigenous resources.
MGCL presently operates two development and production leases, seven exploration blocks and has joint venture interest shares in six other exploration blocks.
On the Occasion Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai thanked MGCL for its co-operation for the establishment of chair, the entire cost of which will be borne by MGCL, in the form of annual grants.
The establishment of MGCL chair would help in further strengthening the quality of programme being offered by the Department of Earth Sciences as well as laying strong footing for the future research activities in the field of Geophysics and the QAU.
At MGCL we foster value-based HR processes and practices for development of our human capital and organizational capabilities which has helped us in achieving competitive edge by realizing personal visions in conjunction with our corporate vision.
The relief items were distributed in DI Khan by MGCL authorities while major chunk of relief goods were handed over to military authorities in DI Khan for judicious distribution in designated relief camps according to the need, it added.
The major share holders of MGCL is Fauji Foundation 40%, Government of Pakistan and Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited 20% each, Individual 9.
500,000 million and sale of MGCL during the year 1998-99 was Rs.
Fauji Foundation, which owns strategic 40 per cent shares of the MGCL.
FFC & Engro installed additional urea manufacturing plants at Goth Machi and Daharki thereby asking MGCL to provide additional gas.
MGCL has no contractual obligations to maintain delivery of the gas to the clients at certain required pressure.