mGCSMobile Ground Control Station (software)
mGCSMichigan Growth Capital Symposium
mGCSMyrtle Grove Christian School (Wilmington, NC)
mGCSManaging Goals and Careers for Success
mGCSMissile Guidance and Control System
mGCSMicron Government Computer Systems, Inc.
mGCSMedical-Grade Calcium Sulfate (chemical additive)
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The size of the YAG "glyphs" in the prepared Ce-doped samples showed a bimodal distribution, although the undoped YAG/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] MGCs do not exhibit texture with a bimodal size distribution for the YAG regions [4].
Ce-doped YAG/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] melt-growth composites (MGCs) grown by the [mu]-PD method were investigated.
Recently, Ce-doped YAG/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] MGC was proposed as a superior phosphor material for high-power, white-light-emitting diodes (LED) excited by blue LEDs or laser diodes (LD) [3].
This paper presents the results of the first attempt to produce Ce-doped YAG/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] MGC by the [mu]-PD method.
Matsushita Electric currently holds 56.3% of MCI, 51.5% of KME, 57.6% of MS, 57.6% of MKEI and 67.6% of MGCS.
Not surprisingly, they were also the first buyers of BluePrint Automation's Modular Gravity Case Packer (MGC), a workhorse that takes finished, packaged product on its final journey off the production line.
Prakken told Quick Frozen Foods International that he got the idea for the MGC when visiting a potato processing factory in Holland and being told by the owner: "Here are the bags and the case.
The innovative inventor went to the drawing board shortly there-after, and the rest is history - chapters of which are still being written with the recent introduction of the fifth generation MGC packer, which boasts an increased throughput of 20 cases a minute.
The MGCS research personnel asked to try the software as an R&D tool.
3D CAD fever quickly spread, not just within the MGCS, but throughout the entire Matsushita Group.
The mGCS is a derivative of our proven VCS-4586 software that focuses on providing capabilities to the small unit level, said Kevin Westfall, director of unmanned solutions at Lockheed Martin s Mission Systems and Training business.
mGCS was developed on an open system using commercial off-the-shelf technology that is interoperable with a variety of portable computers, hand controllers, autopilots, data links and sensors.