MGCTmicroinvasive germ cell tumor
MGCTMale Germ Cell Tumor
MGCTMediastinal Germ Cell Tumor (cancer)
MGCTMalignant Germ Cell Tumor (oncology)
MGCTMalignant Granular Cell Tumor (oncology)
MGCTMulticentric Giant Cell Tumour (oncology)
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Though there is scarce data regarding the use of Carboplatin in MGCT and Cisplatin has been shown to be superior to Carboplatin, however due to a risk of Cisplatin induced vasculitis or acute thrombosis, the treatment regimen was modified with informed consent.
reported inferior outcomes when they randomized 598 patients with good risk MGCT to either receive BEP or BEC, replacing Cisplatin for Carboplatin.3 They concluded that combination chemotherapy with Carboplatin containing regimens is inferior to Cisplatin regimens, and reported 3 year survival rates of 90% as compared to 97%.
Though there are no reports or robust data for the use Carboplatinin MGCT patients at increased risk of cardiac complications, however modification of treatment regimen may be needed in special scenarios like the case we report.
El MGCT tiene sus bases en el Modelo Europeo de Calidad Total (EFQM) y se compone de seis principios y ocho criterios para obtener un resultado exitoso.
(2) El MGCT fue creado por la Subsecretaria de Integracion y Desarrollo del Sector Salud y forma parte del Sistema Integral de Calidad en Salud (SICALIDAD) de la Secretaria de Salud.
This case further details the surgical management for local disease control in this case and potential novel therapy for MGCT.
This patient is a 54-year-old Cuban man with past medical history of emphysema, 105 pack-year smoking history, and family medical history of lung cancer who presented to Jackson Memorial Hospital with recurrent MGCT. The primary lesion first appeared on his right upper back in October 2011 and was excised in Cuba, and by April of 2012, the mass recurred at the original site with multiple satellite lesions in right axilla as well as right axillary lymphadenopathy (Figure 2).