MGCVMinimum Guaranteed Cash Value
MGCVMinimum Guaranteed Contract Value (finance)
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The software packages IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows, version 22.0 (IBM Corp.) and R version 3.0.2 (R Foundation for Statistical Computing; packages nlme, ppcor, mgcv, segmented, Hmisc, ROCR, PredictABEL, and ICC) were used for statistical analyses, and the significance level was 0.05 for all models.
All model analyses were performed using R, version 2.5.0, using the mgcv package, 1.3-24, which provides functions for GAMs (20).
The GAM procedure was performed using R software version 2.15.3 [28] and specifically the "mgcv" package [29].
We estimated the GAM using the MGCV package in R (Wood 2006) except for Figure 1, which we prepared using Statistica (StatSoft 2010).
GAMs were performed using the default values in the mgcv library of the statistical package R (version 2.3.1,
All analyses were conducted using R (version 3.4.2; R Core Team) with the mgcv package for fitting the GAM, the tlnise package for the Bayesian hierarchical model, and the metafor package for meta-regression analyses.