MGDBMinimum Guaranteed Death Benefit (insurance term)
MGDBMutiara Goodyear Development Berhad (Malaysia)
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The set of harmonisation points is revised by the UGDB manager who ascertains that all harmonisation points connect to the UGDB objects within allowed accuracy and that the attributes of each MGDB and corresponding UGDB object are compatible.
The AUS service is designed to as well ensure interoperability between the municipality geo-reference database MGDB and the surveyors' databases.
The prototype of procedures that select and move information from local surveyors' databases to MGDB (Fig.
The MGDB objects are then correspondingly changed and the changes recorded.
However, full implementation of AUS requires not only technological solutions but also some adjustments of existing legal base: amended regulations of municipal geo-reference base data flows and specifications of geo-reference base data encoding for surveyors and MGDB managers.