MGDPMobile GPS (Global Positioning System) Demonstration Platform
MGDPMaize Gene Discovery Project (est. 1998; National Science Foundation)
MGDPMicro-Gel Diffusion Precipitin Test (microbiology)
MGDPMissouri Genetics Disease Program
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In the data collection phase, we closely inspect the existing contributions on the recovery of MGDP. We have collected a set of parameters that describe each primary study.
[X3] Research Focus (catalog/list of MGDP, definitions, Detection and specification of MGDP)
Get into more detail of finalized studies we discovered 7 types of MGDP and categorized them according to their specific type as shown in Table 3.
After analyzing and examining available data we realize that MGDP is a wide and open research area.
Third attribute publication venue shows that it is a case study for detection of MGDP or workshop for identifying new patterns or a survey [1].
The pilot site for implementation of the MGDP learning plan was the Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA), an arts and sciences magnet school located in Birmingham, Alabama.
A refined, user-friendly version of the MGDP learning plan is now commercially available through the scientific supply company PASCO (Mitochondrial Genetics Kit, PASCO catalog no.
Two methods were utilized to evaluate the MGDP learning plan: a student questionnaire (employed in years 1-3) and a pre- and post-intervention examination (year 3 only).
The student questionnaire was administered immediately after completion of the MGDP learning plan.