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MGDSMachine Generated Data Structure
MGDSMalawi Growth and Development Strategy
MGDSMáster en Gestión del Desarrollo Sostenible (Spanish: Master in Management of Sustainable Development)
MGDSMembership in General Dental Surgery (UK and Ireland)
MGDSMarine Geoscience Data System
MGDSMultimission Ground Data System
MGDSMined Geologic Disposal System
MGDSMachine-Generated Data Structure (computing)
MGDSMultimission Ground Data Software
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Based on its population, Karachi needs about 1,100 MGDs of water on a daily basis but it currently faces a shortfall of 780 MGD.
An aliquot of MGDS was added into the sample solution and the mixture was sonicated vigorously for a prescribed period.
Government is more willing to invest in gender initiatives that have direct implications for the MGDS. It is as if women and girls are being used to mobilize resources from donors, but one does not get the sense that government is really interested in transforming gender relations or empowering women.
Moreover, one of the important means through which the millennium development goal of halving poverty can be attained is to empower the poor people to massively engage in entrepreneurship, otherwise the MGDs target for 2015 will remain elusive.
In order to accelerate progress within the span of fifteen years, certain goals, targets and indicators were set by 193 government leaders and 23 international organizations as a joint pledge, known as MGDs.
To achiee Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) target 5-A and 5-B2 efforts have to be made for providing effective family planning services to the community.
I strongly encourage you to consider these principles, not just for program development, but also for involvement in projects related to achievement of the MGDs, for example, reducing infant mortality, decreasing malaria, decreasing unwanted pregnancies, and empowering women.
He stressed the need for south-south cooperation in order to achieve the MGDs' and called on donor countries to further help poor ones overcome financial challenges.
The eight Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) set out in 2000 include: the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger; universal primary education; the promotion of gender equality and female empowerment; a reduction in child mortality; improvements to maternal health; efforts to combat HIV and AIDS, malaria and other diseases; environmental stability; and the development of a global partnership for development.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, noted that there was universal support for the initiative and important offers were made by governments and private corporations, academia and civil society to assist in the further development of the eNabler as a strategic instrument for bringing ICT in the service of the MGDs.
3 -- United Nations on Wednesday wrapped up its three-day global health conference in Melbourne, Australia with an urgent call to action to improve the health of millions of men, women and children worldwide and step up efforts to achieve the globally agreed anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs)..
The seminar concluded with several significant recommendations for the implementing the millennium development goals (MGDs) set by the United Nations using ICT tools and modern communication technology.