MGEFMahathma Gandhi Education Foundation (India)
MGEFMassachusetts Green Energy Fund (Brookline, MA)
MGEFMaasai Girls Education Fund
MGEFMount Greylock Expeditionary Force (Troy, NY)
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Maaroufi, "Control of a PMSG based wind energy generation system for power maximization and grid fault conditions," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Mediterranean Green Energy Forum, MGEF 2013, pp.
I interned for Maasai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) and worked for the girls' advocacy organization Hardy Girls Healthy Women.
Peninah (below left), a girl who was raised in extreme poverty with her large family, was brought to the offices of the Maasai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) after her father tried to force her to marry an older man when she was 13.