MGETMarine Geospatial Ecology Tools (geoprocessing software)
MGETMultiple Get
MGETMichigan Gender Equity Team (Wyandotte, MI)
MGETMinimum Guaranteed Effective Throughput
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GI transit data was analyzed in Origin[R] and statistical moments were calculated in order to obtain the Mean Gastric Emptying Time (MGET), as the time t (min) in which the average amount of magnetic material has been emptied from the stomach, weighted by the area under the emptying curve; the Mean Cecum Arrival Time (MCAT) defined as the time t (min) in which there was an increase in the average amount of magnetic meal that reached the cecum, weighted by the area under the curve between the arrival at the cecum and the cumulative maximum value; and the Mean Small Intestine Transit Time (MSITT) which was determined by the difference between MCAT and MGET [15, 20].
We extracted all of these variables for the FPT locations using ArcInfo (ESRI, Inc.), MGET (Roberts et al., 2010) and Matlab (The Math-Works [TM]).
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