MGFSMedia General Financial Services, Inc
MGFSMyasthenia Gravis Fatigue Scale (neuroscience)
MGFSMorning Glory Fermentation Supply (home brewing; California)
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In MVFOSA, the expression for the MGF of the output 7 can be expressed in terms of the MGFs of the input random variables.
The main aim of this paper is to present interesting extensions of Generalized Exponential Distribution (GED) in various ways and to study their moment generating functions (MGFs).
and p([x.sub.k] | [y.sub.l,0:k], [q.sub.l,0:k]) = p([x.sub.k] | [y.sub.l,0:k]), so the MGF of [x.sub.k] | [q.sub.l,0:k] can be given by
Owing to the fact that the relay assumption used greatly simply the closed form solution for the BER and the BER is derived by using only the product of MGFs of SNRs of source to destination and relay to destination links.
Mean graft flow (MGF) value is not a good indicator of the quality of anastomosis.
Comparison of complete genomes shows that most variation is at the left end of the genomes and is caused by presence or absence of different numbers of members of the MGFs (14,15).
As a mid-engined car the original MGF and MG TF had superb road holding but the rejuvenated TF has managed to take that to a new level, although the suspension is pretty firm and on some roads you feel every bump.
The MGF suffers from one serious malady - its cylinder head.
The first re-styled MGF sports car rolled off the production lines last week - more than two years after the factory was mothballed.
Mr Humphries said: "About eight years ago we showed our MG race cars to a group of owners who had road-going MGFs and they then started to ask us to work on their cars, mainly improvements to the suspension.
This will be used to explore the possibilities of 'multisectoral global funds' (MGFs) as a way of attracting funds from private benefactors and charitable foundations--together with expertise from a number of sources toward their useful employment--to the pursuit of global common purposes of high social priority.