MGGDMarine Geology and Geophysics Data
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Our study indicated that MGGD can regulate the cold-stress-induced apoptosis.
MGGD as a popular formula in TCM was first recorded in Synopsis Prescriptions of Golden Chamber, which is a comprehensive medical book edited in Eastern Han Dynasty.
In order to find out the mechanism about how MGGD reduced the effect of cold stress on mitochondria, we detected the level of Mfn1, Mfn2, Drp1, Fis-1, and Opa-1 in lymphocytes of four groups of mice.
Fortunately, MGGD was found to be able to protect lymphocytes against cold-stress-induced apoptosis at certain extent (Figure 6(c)).
Our findings indicated that MGGD may maintain the immune response through inhibiting the lymphocytes apoptosis in mice under cold stress.
In conclusion, the present study has demonstrated that MGGD was able to regulate the fusion and fission of mitochondria and the apoptosis of lymphocytes, mediated by regulating the expression level of Mfn1, Mfn2, and Drp1 under cold stress.
(c) Mice suffering from cold stress were treated by MGGD; then the morphology of mitochondria in lymphocytes was observed under electron microscopy.