MGGIMeadowbrook Golf Group Inc. (Florida golf management company)
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We create a modern service and work environment to make things faster and more convenient with the state, said Mggi. "For this purpose, a state service center or state house is planned to be established in each county center."
"In a regional policy it is important that the state is present in the county and the necessary communication with the state becomes fast and stress free," Minister Mggi added.
Minister of Public Administration Janek Mggi is on a visit to Lnemaa today, where he will meet with county governors and visit various companies and institutions.
Regardless of the area and population, Lnemaa has a great potential for development, and the county's content may be larger than it appears on the map, "said Janek Mggi, the Minister of Public Administration..
There is culture, sport and decent business, "said Janek Mggi, Minister of Public Administration .
Minister of Public Administration Janek Mggi introduced the main changes to the state budget for the next year to the local government association.
Larger municipalities are able to take more responsibility and decide themselves how to provide public services to their people, "said Janek Mggi, the Minister of Public Administration .
Minister of Public Administration Janek Mggi commended the high praise: "The indicators of the Single Market Scoreboard of the European Union are joyful and give confidence that we are moving in the right direction with Estonian public procurement policy.
"Valga County makes three special hubs special: Otep as a winter sports and tourism center, Valga as a border town, working closely with the city of Valka, and Trva, a cultural heritage of beautiful nature and strong mulg," said Mggi. "At a meeting with the representatives of local governments, we will discuss how the country can support the development of the region."