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MGHMassachusetts General Hospital
MGHMehr Generationen Haus (German: Multi-Generational Home)
MGHMary Gates Hall (University of Washington)
MGHMontreal General Hospital (Montreal, Canada)
MGHMcGraw-Hill Companies
MGHMarion General Hospital (Marion, Ohio)
MGHMy Gothic Heart
MGHMeitetsu Grand Hotel (Nagoya, Japan)
MGHMonumenta Germania Historica
MGHMay Go Home
MGHMinneapolis General Hospital
MGHMy Guild Host
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The new project, being constructed by MGH, will add 3,000 MW of power to the grid when fully operational.
Once complete, the Baghdad Power Plant will take the total power produced by MGH in Iraq to 7,000 MW.
MGH scored among the top five hospitals in 10 of the 16 specialties.
Delsignore then underwent several months of chemotherapy treatment at Mass General, where she also received a number of services provided by the Friends of MGH.
The current study, led by Dennis Sgroi, MD, of the MGH Cancer Center and Department of Pathology, was designed to compare the ability of the BCI to predict long-term recurrence risk with that of two other gene-expression signatures that can predict risk in the first five years.
MGH Institute of Health Professions, founded by Massachusetts General Hospital in 1977, is an innovative and independent graduate school in Boston that is a member of Partners HealthCare.
The site was wrapped around an existing historic building, the 1892 brick MGH Resident Physician's House; it included less than 6,000 square feet in area; and it measured only 26 feet wide at the narrowest end.
In the MGH cafeteria, color-coded labels indicate the healthiest sandwich choices (green), along with those designated less (yellow) and least (red) healthy.
MGH signed a collaboration agreement with Cellcura's US arm in December 2010, to reflect Cellcura's engagement in the development of novel assisted reproduction therapies (ART) and stem-cell medical equipment.
In October 2008, MGH and NEC entered into a collaboration to adapt modules of e-Pathologist to meet clinical needs in the pathological diagnosis of breast and prostate cancers.
MGH scientists, with help from NEC researchers and engineers, will evaluate e-Pathologist functions, and studyan advanced pathology workflow in which the e-Pathologist system is expected to have an important role in overall diagnostic performances.
As pioneers of fractional technology, Palomar, Reliant and MGH are the owners of the fundamental intellectual property in this area.