MGIAMichigan Green Industry Association
MGIAMidwest Gang Investigators Association (est .1987; Omaha, NE)
MGIAMy Getaway In Audio (band)
MGIAMulti-Grid Iterative Approach
MGIAMunicipal Government Investment Associates, Inc. (California)
MGIAModified General Inversion Algorithm
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MGIAs have been described using cells from mice (Cowley and Elkins, 2003; Kolibab et al., 2009; Marsay et al., 2013; Parra et al., 2009; Sada-Ovalle et al., 2008), cattle (Carpenter et al., 1997; Denis et al., 2004) and NHPs (Tanner et al., submitted).
MGIAs also allow efficacy against different strains (including hypervirulent strains) to be tested in parallel in cells from the same animal, rather than limiting to one laboratory strain, which may be unrepresentative of clinical strains affecting humans, as for in vivo challenge.
Replacements include the use of humans for BCG challenge experiments, in vitro assays such as IFN-[gamma] ELISpot and MGIAs, in silico techniques and the use of less sentient animals.