MGIFMust Get in Front
MGIFMobile Games Interoperability Forum
MGIFMolecular Genetics Instrumentation Facility (University of Georgia)
MGIFMediaGate International Federation, Inc.
MGIFMarslev Gymnastik Og Idræts Forening (Danish gymnastics)
MGIFMicrobial Growth Inhibitory Factor
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What's the perfect casting for MGIF? Peaslee repeats his mantra: it's the casting the customer won't shop to other suppliers while you're providing it on-time at the required quality level.
MGIF isn't about to go out and solicit castings that no one can pour, but it wants to stay away from jobs that are commodity priced (by the pound).
According to Ken Schipper, marketing manager, MGIF often will use production volumes as a starting point when deciding if a casting might be a good fit.
Instead of seeking out jobs that are high volume enough to stack revenues, MGIF looks for jobs that are higher margin.
When MGIF's predecessor was founded in 1852, it was purpose-built, intended to serve the shipyards that neighbored it.
Today, MGIF does not allow any single customer to account for more than 10% of its business.
"We'd ask that jobs not ideally suited to MGIF be resourced."
That market segment, off-road automotive, is also the largest for MGIF. But the company maintains diversity among it's end-use industries, as well as its customers, with its 300 active buyers spread out among agriculture, construction, mining, pump, valve and others.
Market forces and internal competencies have dictated that MGIF today is a predominantly ductile iron metalcaster--Peaslee estimates the breakdown at about 70% ductile to 30% gray, with the former continuing to grow and the latter having plateaued.
MGIF also produces a number of specialty irons, including high-silicon-molybdenum, austempered ductile and compacted graphite iron (CGI).
Peaslee enjoys building beyond MGIF's stable base of gray iron.