MGIMOMoscow State Institute of International Relations (Russian acronym)
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sdf/it/servizio/2635 consultado el 20 de de enero de 2017; Tatiana Zonova, "[ETH]inney e Eoaeey: enoi[eth]ey aeieiiaoe|aneeo ioiioaiee" (Rusia e Italia: historia de las relaciones diplomaticas) en MGIMO, Moscu, 1998, disponible en https://mgimo.
The award from the MGIMO is the first international honorary degree that the President will receive.
MGIMO vice-rector for social development Igor Loginov who heads an academic delegation gave a brief idea about the Russian university's history and future plans.
I would like to thank Ian Storey of the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute and Igor Denisov of MGIMO University for comments and suggestions, as well as the editors and anonymous reviewers of Contemporary Southeast Asia.
There is an obvious escalation of the conflict between the two countries, and the Turkish regime is conducting itself very aggressively," said Vladimir Avatkov, a Turkey expert at Moscow's MGIMO University, where many of Russia's diplomats and intelligence officers are trained.
In addition, the official visit includes meetings with President of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, experts on Central Asia, Rector of MGIMO University, and leaders of the Kyrgyz expat community.
If we speak of the Middle-East and North Africa, then what we can say that double-standard policies are apparent," the Russian minister told MGIMO students on Monday, the Voice of Russia reported.
Armenia, senior research fellow at MGIMO Institute of International Studies Leonid Gusev told ArmInfo.
Pillay will also deliver lectures at PFUR and MGIMO University in Moscow
Meeting with Regional Development Minister, Mr Vladimir Yakovlev, and with the special Representative for the development of relations with the European Union, Mr Sergei Yastrzembsky; speech at the European Studies Institute, part of the MGIMO University (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
Leading experts-demographers of MGIMO, NES and Moscow State University, VCIOM, representatives of regional executive authorities of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Region, Magadan Oblast, the consulting company KPMG, and the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East discussed the methodology of the Development Index human capital in the Far East and practical measures for its use in the regions during a round table in MGIMO.