MGIPMaine Green Independent Party
MGIPMiddle Grades Improvement Program (Lilly Endowment, Inc.; Indiana)
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All other MGIP (7/176; 4.0%) showed combinations of detected STDs (Table 4).
Among the seven remaining MGIP, UU was the only common denominator in coinfection cases; the observation that 40% of MG isolates were found in dual combination with UU and that members of the Mycoplasmataceae family (MH and UU) were co-isolated with MG may indicate how members of this family tend to be isolated in combinations, suggesting the possibility of common risk factors or a susceptibility link.
The absolute majority of all MGIP were single (9/10 patients not married) and a significant proportion of MG cases (60%) were detected in smokers.
MGIP leaders in the districts reported that they could not focus on both substantially improving the quality of the teaching/learning enterprise and on reaching out beyond the boundaries of the classroom.
In addition, individual MGIP schools received recognition grants to honor and extend the impressive strides they had made - sometimes despite ineffective or inhospitable district contexts - in transforming themselves into more academically effective and growth-enhancing institutions.
Throughout the process, from the invitation to be part of MGIP onward, staff development efforts and every other component of this school change initiative were derived from and driven by a clearly articulated set of values - equity, excellence, fairness, and developmental responsiveness related - to the necessity for schools to help young people grow to be caring, contributing members of a diverse democracy.
While MGIP focused on districtwide middle-level improvement, the Endowment attempted to strengthen the professional and policy infrastructure supporting school performance by making teacher education improvement grants to three universities, teacher and principal empowerment grants to the Indiana Middle Level Association and the MGIP Network (a self-governing body of key representatives of the 16 school districts), grants to the Education Development Center to design and implement staff development and technical assistance to MGIP districts, and policy analysis and action grants to such entities as the state standards board.
The NSS IPS group test evaluated the per formance, reliability, security effectiveness and usability of MGIPS products.