MGIRMinimum Guaranteed Interest Rate
MGIRMotor Glider Instructor Rating (UK)
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contract is greater than the MGIR value, then the MGIR value is
Often the MGIR is applied to only a portion of the premiums.
example, the company might apply the MGIR to 87.5% of premiums.
the company says its MGIR is 3%, then the effective rate is lower than
SEC offered an example of a policy that pays 1% MGIR on 87.5% of
(21) This policy would require 13 years until the MGIR is
via either the indexing component or the MGIR. (40)
return which equals the MGIR yield on all the policies.
provides for the contract's yield above the MGIR. (52)
company uses the bond investments to protect the MGIR).