MGISMarine Geographic Information System
MGISMusa Germplasm Information System
MGISMassachusetts Geographic Information System (Boston, MA)
MGISMaster of Geographic Information Science (various locations)
MGISMahatma Gandhi International School (various locations)
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Jeff Brunken, President of MGIS, said, "We work very hard to provide the insurance physicians expect.
Minister Chris Cardona stated that the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding is a milestone in MGIs history.
HI antibody responses were described as seroconversion rate (SCR, defined as the percentage of subjects who had pre- and post-vaccination titers of <1:10 and [greater than or equal to]1:40, respectively, or a pre-vaccination titer of [greater than or equal to]1:10 and [greater than or equal to]4-fold increase in post-vaccination titer), seroprotection rate (SPR, defined as the percentage of subjects with a post-vaccination titer of [greater than or equal to]1:40), and the mean geometric increase (MGI, defined as the geometric mean of the ratio between prevaccination and post-vaccination reciprocal HI titers).
To validate the periodicity of formation of growth rings, we evaluated the seasonal changes in the following two indices: (1) the proportion of specimens with a hinge plate showing recent formation of a marginal growth ring and (2) the mean marginal growth index (MGI), which is derived from the SH data for relevant growth rings in cross-sections (discussed later).
From 1997 to 2005, Lawrence held the position of MGIS national product marketing director, which included managing renewal underwriting strategies, developing contracts and providing marketing and competition comparison materials.
US physician insurance products provider The MGIS Companies Inc announced it is disposing of its medical-professional liability insurance retail brokerage subsidiary to sector companies Doctors First Inc and Hub International Ltd in two separate transactions.
And if we need Multidimensional Greed Indicators to increase awareness of personal greed, we may have an even greater need for a set of MGIs, different but related, to highlight structural greed.
A student survey was conducted to evaluate Management Information Systems (MGIS) 164-Introduction to Information Processing, an on-line literacy course required by the Louisiana State Board of Regents for all students regardless of major.
According to the MGIS survey (data from the 1990 census), 39 percent of Portuguese immigrants in France had a house in the home-country in 1992 and 85 percent of them went there once a year for summer vacations; but qualitative studies on their itineraries show that, already then, many were going as often as twice yearly.
The MGIS (Winter, 1989) is a 14-item scale that measures how men perceive various aspects of their genitals (e.g., length, circumference, and appearance).
As the FGIS and MGIS contain an unequal number of questions, total scale scores were standardised (i.e., mean scores were divided by the total number of scale items).