MGJMobilization for Global Justice
MGJMinnesota Genealogical Journal (Park Genealogical Books)
MGJMillion Giga Joules (electricity)
MGJMary Gibbs Jones (Texas)
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The caps use Oenoseal liners that also were developed by MGJ. Guala offers the ONYX, with an OTR of less than 0.0005 cc [O.sub.2] per day, IVORY at less than 0.002 cc, and the CORAL, which is designed for wines that require a more significant supply of oxygen, with an OTR of less than 0.008 cc per day.
(3.) Snoeijs MGJ, van Heurn LWE, van Heurn LWE, van Mook WNKA, Christiaans MH, van Hooff JP.
(8.) Cleaveland S, Appel MGJ, Chalmers WSK, Chillingworth C, Kaare M, Dye C.
The measured values of post-dissociation temperature and pressure are used to determine the methane concentration of different phases (i.e., Mwy and MGj) as detailed in Section 3.3.
(11.) Jilek, M, Cselle, T, Holubar, P, Morstein, M, Veprek-Heijman, MGJ, Veprek, S, "Development of Novel Coating Technology by Vacuum Arc with Rotating Cathodes for Industrial Production of nc-([Al.sub.1-x][Ti.sub.x])N/a-[Si.sub.3][N.sub.4] Superhard Nanocomposite Coatings for Dry, Hard Machining." Plasma Chem.
La energia total producida por los agroecosistemas vario de 230,99 a 346,51 MGj, la invertida como insumo fue de 46,02 a 328,69 MGj; con rangos de eficiencia energetica de 0,70 a 7,53 MGj, encontrando diferencias estadisticas (P<0,01) de acuerdo al tipo de productor, el transicional fue el mas eficiente (4,62 [+ o -] 1,4), en comparacion con los de subsistencia (2,01 [+ o -] 0,7) y empresarial (2,56 [+ o -] 0,8) (TABLA VI).