MGLAMotion Graphics Los Angeles (California)
MGLAMesivta of Greater Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
MGLAMember of the Greater London Assembly (London, England, UK)
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Cadby et al., "Ras GTPase-like protein MglA, a controller of bacterial social-motility in myxobacteria, has evolved to control bacterial predation by Bdellovibrio," PLoS Genetics, vol.
Kwaik, "The Francisella tularensis pathogenicity island protein IglC and its regulator MglA are essential for modulating phagosome biogenesis and subsequent bacterial escape into the cytoplasm," Cellular Microbiology, vol.
The company has patents for identifying Matrix GLA (mGLA) with research suggesting it is an important factor in causing calcification of soft tissues such as the heart and arteries, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.
Its two-component Mara Glass MGLA is designed for flat glass like touch screens and smartphones.
Interestingly, as a pale dawn breaks through the waning darkness following the flood--"Redeet mgla nenastnoi nochi / I blednyi den' uzh nastaet [...] Uzhasnyi den'!" (140; The foul night's fog thinning, / And pale day already drawing up ...
In this poem Akhmatova also modifies Pushkin's Alexandrian twilight, "sweet shade" (sladostnaia ten'), an emblem of a night of love, into "evening dusk" (vecherniaia mgla), which symbolizes the imminent end of both Cleopatra and her beloved city.