MGLCMulticultural Greek Letter Council (Cornell University; New York)
MGLCMednarodni Graficni Likovni Center (Slovenian: International Center of Graphic Arts; Slovenia)
MGLCMaple Grove Lutheran Church (Maple Grove, MN)
MGLCMassachusetts General Laws, Chapter (code of statutes, including chapter reference)
MGLCMaximum Ground-Level Concentration (environmental studies)
MGLCMeridian Golf Learning Center (Englewood, CO)
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However, a breakdown of results by MGLC categories reveals significant differences.
The figure presents both results to illustrate the relative gaps between MGLC categories, rather than the scores themselves.
trial burns should be predictive of what will be experienced in demilitarization incinerators within the continental United States (CONUS), where people may be downwind of the operations; second, for short periods fishermen or other boaters may be at the MGLC point for the J.