MGMSMolecular Graphics and Modeling Society
MGMSMultiMode Global Messaging Service (MultiMode, Inc.)
MGMSMunicipal Geographic Management System (software; trademark of Business Management Systems, Inc.)
MGMSMaritime Gunnery and Missile Systems (UK)
MGMSMiller Grove Middle School (Decatur, GA)
MGMSMG Media and Software (Ozone Park, NY)
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The multivariate Gaussian mixture (MGM) is considered as a suitable distribution model for the observed data traffic in this band.
Numerous businesses run member-get-member (MGM) referral programs to attract new members (i.e., receivers of WOM) while maintaining relationships with existing members.
No Corredor Ponta Sul as consequencias do intenso regime pluviometrico foram bem proximos ao do Corredor Centro, sendo que pelo fato de ser diretamente cortado longitudinalmente pela BR-101, teve interrupcoes de trafego por conta dos MGMs ao longo da via.
MGMS International has annual sales exceeding pounds 4m and employs 60 people.
MGMS, which specialises in head-hunting senior and middle-ranking executives, will continue to be run by founder and chairman Mike Sheard.
But officers noticed his breath smelled of alcohol and tests showed that Jardine had 62 mgms of alcohol in 100mls of breath - the legal limit is 35.
MGMs zero waste leadership has redirected edible food to food banks and turned scraps into compost and feed for local livestock.
Compared with February 2018, MGMs monthly revenue rose 7.9 percent to $49.5 million.
Tenders are invited for Construction of medical college , hospital, hostels, residences and other allied building works including internal an external electrification, hvac, phe, fire-fighting, , it, ot, cssd, special services mgms and external development works etc., in
MGMs monthly revenue rose 6.6 percent to $51.8 million when compared with June 2017.
Three autonomous launchers of the Yars mobile ground missile system (MGMS) passed on Red Square as part of the SMF parade mechanised column on 9 May.
The Yars MGMS column crossed the contaminated terrain section in course of the command post exercise (CPX) with the Tagil missile formation.