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Address : Integrated Coastal And Marine Mgnt Project Dirte,
Magnit (MGNT RX, MGNT LI) released operating results for September and 9M 2012.
Magnit (MGNT RX, MGNT LI) released financial results for 2Q 2012 and 6M above market expectations.
Tenders are invited for Cisco asa 5525-x asa5525-fpwr-k9 1 cisco smartnet 8x5xnbd asa 5525 con-snt-a25fpk9 1 cisco ips and amp license l-asa5525-tam-1yr 1 cisco firesight mgnt. Center for asa 5525 fs-vmw-10-sw-k9 1 cisco sw app supp + upgr cisco firesight mgnt.
Magnit (MGNT RX, MGNT LI) reports neutral operational results for 1Q 2012.
Magnit (MGNT RX, MGNT LI) reported 4Q 2011 financial results.