MGOMetal Gear Online (gaming
MGOMagnesium Oxide (chemistry)
MGOMarine Gas Oil (marine fuel)
MGOMessage Overwriting
MGOMagneto Optical
MGOMachine Gun Optic (US Army)
MGOMaster General of the Ordnance (British military position)
MGOMain Geophysical Observatory (Russia)
MGOMandatory General Offer
MGOMilitary Government Officer
MGOMinimum Generator Operation
MGOMusic Goes On
MGOMaterials Global Operations (General Motors)
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These experiments were preceded by utilizing 500 mg/L solution of MGO dye and temperatures were varied from (25-40 +- 1AdegC).
The degradation of MGO dye was preceded under UV light irradiation in the presence of Ag-KNC.
Agar dilution method was used for the determination of MICs of MGO, using a multi-point inoculator.
Conclusion: MGO has good antibacterial activity against MDR and non-MDR S.
Hence, trapping of MGO and GO result in limiting the formation of AGEs and could serve as a basis for effective prevention/management of diabetic complications for a long term (Rahbar 2007).
The cells in the media were treated with MGO at different concentrations, ranging from 0-100 mM, and incubated for 24-96 h.
Sang's study demonstrated in vitro that within an hour both ginger compounds "trapped" 80% of the MGOs present, forming the less reactive and harmful compounds mono-MGO adducts, 6SMGO and 6G-MGO.
When more than one compound is present, they work together to trap dicarbonyl compounds like MGO.
NAVSUP Energy collaborated with DLA Energy in arranging a delivery of nearly 600,000 gallons MGO for load onto this Chilean oiler by leveraging an existing DLA bunker contract.
The new laboratory MGO Manuka Honey stamp is based on the direct relationship between methylglyoxal and antibacterial activity and has proved to be accurate to within 5%.
The S3 is claimed to offer shipping companies significant savings by simplifying the logistics fuel handling, minimizing the range of fuels needed aboard, reducing the number of bunker operations, and limiting consumption of the more expensive MGO.