MGOeMegaGauss-Oersted (magnets)
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The space outside of the magnet and the bore of the magnet were assigned as air and the segments of the magnet were assigned as NdFeB52 MGOe with magnetization direction of [eta].
Magnetic field exerted by an individual NdFeB52 MGOe segment in the Halbach array for any coordinate can then be found using:
Strnat at the US Air Force Materials Laboratory later at the University of Dayton, Ohio, large magnetic products were reported in intermetallic compounds based on samarium-cobalt typically 5.1 MGOe (40.6 kJ/[m.sup.3]) and later optimised to 18MGoe (143.2 kJ/[m.sup.3] [10].
B12 Specifications * Remanence, Br 7,200-7,800 Gauss * Normal Coercivity, He 5,900-6,500 Oersted * Max Energy Product 10.8-12.2 MGOe * Max Operating Temp 150C Magnet Applications has also expanded its Tech Center, where customers can access applications articles on topics such as What's New In Materials, How To Select The Optimal Permanent Magnet and Status of Bonded Magnets.
It has been predicted theoretically that FePt based nanocomposite shows an energy product of 90 MGOe [28, 29].
At room temperature, both magnets were designed to have the same energy product of 35 MGOe. At 4.2 K, neodymium-iron-boron still generated about 35 MGOe, but the praseodymium-iron-boron generated 50 MGOe.
The material can be bent, twisted, and flexed without the loss of magnetic energy (up to 1.6 MGOe).
Radially oriented rings can be made in a variety of materials with energy products ranging from 28 MGOe to 40MGOe.
Radially oriented NdFeB rings can be made in a variety of materials with energy products ranging from 28 to 40 MGOe. This allows customization of performance for demanding applications.
The magnetic material has a guaranteed minimum energy product of 48.5 MGOe and 50MGOe nominal.