MGPSMulti-Item Gamma Poisson Shrinker
MGPSMount Gravatt Photographic Society (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
MGPSMolonglo Galactic Plane Survey (MOST Observatory, NSW, Australia)
MGPSMedical Gas Pipeline Systems
MGPSMaster of Global Policy Studies (degree program)
MGPSMarine Growth Prevention System
MGPSMissile Graphics Planning System (software)
MGPSMackenzie Glen Public School (Maple, Ontario, Canada)
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Because toluene is more easily biodegraded than the PAHs that make up the majority of the hydrocarbons present at the MGP site, it is not surprising that it is found only near the source of the plume.
We examined the same MGP site for evidence of PAH degradation.
This is the site of an underground gasoline storage tank leak that is much more recent than the contamination at the MGP site.
To summarize, at the MGP site the highest concentration of 2-NA was found at the wells with high levels of naphthalene contamination, and the concentration declined with distance from the source.
The present studies show MGP binds fibronectin and augments cell adhesion and spreading on fibronectin.
After purification on HPLC, the purified MGP migrated as a single band on SDS-PAGE.
Protein binding was assessed by the ability of filter immobilized target proteins to bind to iodinated MGP in an overlay buffer.
Constant volume fractions (30 drops/fraction) were collected and counted on a Packard Auto-gamma counter to determine the elution position of radioactive MGP Controls were MGP and ovalbumin incubated with DSP, MGP alone, proteins incubated without DSP crosslinking, and DSP treated samples reduced with mercaptoethanol to reduce and break crosslinks.
To determine whether MGP affected cell attachment to fibronectin, HeLa cells were used as an immortal cancer derived cell line that is popular as a model of cell behaviors such as attachment, spreading, and integrin action [34-37].
At EPA, our staff has been working for several years to persuade EPA to give gas utilities broad flexibility to choose among nearly a dozen possible ways to manage MGP sites.