MGQMonster Girl Quest (game)
MGQMogadishu, Somalia (Airport Code)
MGQMinneapolis Guitar Quartet (Minneapolis, MN)
MGQMaximum Guaranteed Quantity (EU trade)
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People from Bihar are now regular visitors to our district and that is why we have increased the MGQ to 6.
The stabilizers package did not succeed in providing the necessary reform that EC agriculture needed because the price adjustments under the MGQ system were not directly related to world price developments and thus did not permit world market conditions to influence producer decisions.
But it points to the achievements of recent years: in 1995 the MGQ was increased and the guide price cut to keep production and expenditure within tighter bounds; in 2000, cotton production was linked up with environmental protection measures; and in 2001 a revamped "stabiliser mechanism" brought in bigger penalties for production over 1.
The MGQ will be calculated using an average figure of seed production in each Member State over the last five years and adding an extra 5% to gain a final figure of aid.