MGRMMalta Gay Rights Movement (Malta)
MGRMMetallgesellschaft Refining and Marketing (German metals and oils conglomerate)
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In 1992, MGRM began implementing an aggressive marketing program in which it offered long-term price guarantees on deliveries of gasoline, heating oil, and diesel fuels for up to five or ten years.
MGRM negotiated most of its contracts in the summer of 1993.
MGRM sought to offset the exposure resulting from its delivery commitments by buying a combination of short-dated oil swaps and futures contracts as part of a strategy known as a "stack-and-roll" hedge.
Had oil prices risen, the accompanying gain in the value of MGRM's hedge would have produced positive cash flows that would have offset losses stemming from its commitments to deliver oil at below-market prices.
This precipitous decline in oil prices caused funding problems for MGRM. The practice in futures markets of marking futures contracts to market at the end of each trading session forced the firm to recognize its futures trading losses immediately, triggering huge margin calls.
Rumors of MGRM's problems began to surface in early December.
Hitachi MGRM Net will enable to create a smart social environment in the future.
MGRM Net has a track record of developing service platforms and applications (e.g., "Governance Platform" and "M-Star Education Expert Systems") for projects led by the Indian government and targeting the digitalization of administration services, as in the case of "e-Governance" and "e-Education".
Hitachi India and MGRM Net have been collaborating since 2015 for the digitalization of e-Governance services in India.
I have great expectation for Hitachi MGRM Net to take important roles to develop innovative solutions with 'Lumada', and to expand them to the whole world starting from India".
"We are extremely pleased to announce the formation of Hitachi MGRM Net, as a result of a strong collaborative relationship with MGRM Net, we would be working on the e-Governance including administration services for the Indian government.
MGRM requested that its parent company, MG supply the necessary funds to cover their position on the futures contracts.