MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
MGRSMonoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance (kidney disorder)
MGRSMulticentre Growth Reference Study
MGRSMale Gender Role Stress (psychology)
MGRSMany Glacier Ranger Station (Glacier National Park)
MGRSMinnesota Garden Railway Society (Cottage Grove, MN)
MGRSMalaysian Ghost Research Society
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These trends, which apply to the UAE, point to a potential array of opportunities for new businesses in the UAE, based on three main factors: the entry of MGRs in the online food delivery market, restaurants having increased their capacity to deliver products, and the proliferation of mobile phone applications making it easier for customers to order food.
The entry of MGRs to the online food delivery market in the UAE sheds light on the massive potential for growth in the sector, spurring restaurants to quickly expand their meal delivery capabilities.
Based on the above results, the patient was diagnosed with HSPN associated with IgA-[kappa] MGRS.
Therefore, HSPN associated with IgA-[kappa] MGRS was thought to be responsible for purpuric skin lesions in this patient.
The patient was diagnosed with MGRS and PGNMID pattern (Figure 1).
MGRS includes a cluster of conditions caused by a monoclonal immunoglobulin deposition in the kidney.
The poll is conducted by Agri Marketing magazine and the ABM's Agri-Council and was sent to 225 mgrs of companies that develop and sell products to North American crop and livestock producers.
For men, appearing physically inadequate, expressing emotions, being subordinate to women, being intellectually inferior, and failing to perform in their work and sex life, are interpreted as particularly stressful (these five factors comprise the Masculine Gender Role Stress scale (MGRS; Eisler & Skidmore, 1987)).
On the basis of previous research linking male stereotypes with a drive for leanness and muscularity (e.g., McCreary, Saucier, & Courtenay, 2005) it was hypothesized that MGRS score would correlate positively both with drive for muscularity and with drive for thinness.
Natl Accts Mgr: Lisa Aguirre (
Garst Seed Company announces the promotion of Mark Lawson to Regl Sls Mgr for the company's east region.
AGRINEWS PUBLICATIONS (See advertisement in this section) 420 Second St, La Salle, IL 61301; 815/223-2558, 800/426-9438, FAX: 815/223-5997 Web site: Year established: 1977 Pres/Publisher: Lynn Barker Ad Sales Mgr: Marguerite Allen Publications: Illinois AgriNews, Indiana AgriNews, CountryNews Sales rep: J.L.