MGRTMetallic Gold Red Tiger (fishing lure)
MGRTMean Gastric Residence Time
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Justice Zahra concurred with the plurality holding that IBM was entitled to use the Compact's election provision and that the MGRT component of the MBT was an income tax.
The law states that the MGRT is imposed on the privilege of doing business and not upon income or property.
MGRT called on Amazon to do its utmost to release business for Slovenian companies as soon as possible, and to regularly inform MGRT.
This is the reason why, after identifying as many as 32 quality demonstration and pilot projects, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (hereinafter MGRT) requested the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (hereinafter referred to as the SVRK) to increase the funds available on this call.
Marjan Podgorek, Renata Martin?i?, Director General of the Directorate for Tourism and Internationalization MGRT, Damjan Oraem, Director of the Slovenian Forest Service and Joe Jeromen, Vice-President of the Forest Owners' Union.