MGS2Metal Gear Solid 2 (computer game)
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perform a detailed error analysis of CGS2 and MGS2 and show that they give numerically orthogonal Q factor and small residual for matrices with [[kappa].sub.2](X) ~ O([u.sup.-1]) [9].
Even though the underlying idea of repeating an unstable algorithm twice to improve stability is the same, it is worth noting the inherent disadvantage of CholeskyQR2 when compared with CGS2 and MGS2: numerical breakdown.
It plays just how you think it would, just like MGS2. While the controls fit perfectly on to the GCN controller it almost feels as if you've been here before, which make for slightly less exciting gameplay.
Sometimes MGS2 is just a bit too clever for its own good.
Ask Rose (the MGS2 equivalent of the original's Mei-Ling) to save your game and, more often than not, she'll give you a 10 minute lecture about your relationship.
MGS2 resumes the story several years on and, while the plot is reasonable enough, the voice acting is appalling and the delivery is way too slow.
If you enjoyed the first game then you'll like the graphically-enhanced MGS2. For anyone else, it definitely doesn't live up to the hype.
Impressive though MGS2 is in many ways, in others it has lost some of the playability of the original through over- complication.
Resident Evil's rotate 'n' run controls have been ditched in favour of a more fluid system owing a lot to MGS2.