MGS4Metal Gear Solid 4 (game)
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MGS4, an action game with its underlying anti-war and anti-nuclear arms message, was released to the global market on June 12th, 2008.
From the ludicrously long and interactive cut-scenes and fabulous graphics, to the instantly satisfying gameplay and memorable boss fights, MGS4 never failed to impress.
Set in a battle-scarred future with huge conglomerates using toughguy mercenaries as soldiers, MGS4 is seen through the eyes of a battleweary Solid Snake.
Over that time the series has built up a reputation for pushing the boundaries of each machine that it has appeared on, and MGS4 is no exception.
This game will also include Raiden's body upgrades like White Armor, Inferno Armor, Commando Armor, MGS4 Armor and Cyborg Ninja.