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While the 2005 MGSB included PKK terror and irtica as domestic threats, the 2010 MGSB excluded irtica as a domestic threat, merely referring to "radical groups exploiting religion".
According to allegations, "threat of fundamentalism" which was in the list of threats in the former MGSB was removed in the new one.
Unlike in democracies, in Turkey, the MGSB, alternatively known as the "Red Book," or the "Secret Constitution," is kept highly secret and not shared with the public.
Moreover, unlike the traditional practices of modern states, Turkey's MGSB also includes internal threat perceptions, citizens, religious groups or political parties that are perceived as threats, and therefore enemies.
Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) announced publicly in 2010 and afterwards that as an elected government it would put an end to the concept of internal threat perceptions, a remnant of military-led regimes, and that the MGSB would only address external threat perceptions.
We (the AKP rule) have eliminated that type of threat element from the MGSB," he said.
Referring to the MGSB, Parliament Speaker Cemil Ecicek was saying in 2010 that "There can't be a state that perceives its citizens as a threat.
This policy has also marked a big U-turn from the AKP government's earlier statements mentioned above, in which it said that internal threat perceptions, the creation of the military-led establishment, would be eliminated from the MGSB.