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The search decision for the holding was reportedly based on the MGSB.
Turkiye'nin ulusal guvenligine dair en temel belge olan MGSB'nin taslagi, Anayasa'nin 118.
Bu sureklilik, temelde askerlerin kontrolundeki MGK Sekretaryasi tarafindan hazirlanan ve MGK ile Kabine tarafindan kabul edilen, ancak kamuoyuna aciklanmayan ve TBMM'ye sunulmayan MGSB'yle saglanmistir.
MGSB'nin 31 Ekim 1997'de olusturulan ve Ocak 1999'da gozden gecirilen bicimine gore, mevcut kosullarda iki ic dusman bulunmaktaydi: Devletin laikligini tehdit eden asiri dincilik ve toprak butunlugunu tehdit eden Kurt ayrilikciligi.
(26.) The focus of the MGSBs switched from the communist threat during the Cold War period to PKK separatist terror and the rise of irtica-religious reactionaryism throughout the 1990s.
According to allegations, "threat of fundamentalism" which was in the list of threats in the former MGSB was removed in the new one.
Unlike in democracies, in Turkey, the MGSB, alternatively known as the "Red Book," or the "Secret Constitution," is kept highly secret and not shared with the public.
Moreover, unlike the traditional practices of modern states, Turkey's MGSB also includes internal threat perceptions, citizens, religious groups or political parties that are perceived as threats, and therefore enemies.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, who has a tendency to put everything he sees as a threat against his authority in the country's "National Security Strategy Concept Paper" (MGSB) -- often referred to as the "Red Book" -- may soon be adding social media platforms, according to a story in the Cumhuriyet daily on Thursday.
The Yeni E[currency]afak columnist said Pennsylvania, a reference used by pro-government circles to refer to Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len, who currently resides in Pennsylvania and who inspired the Hizmet movement, will be declared a "traitor" by a National Security Organization (MGK) decision soon and that the "parallel organization" will be included in the National Security Policy Document (MGSB), also known as the "Red Book," which acts as a guideline for the military in situations of domestic conflict.
In addition, the TSK used to perceive Fethullah GE-len as an internal threat to the country's secular character during the years when it put its stamp on Turkey's National Security Policy Document (MGSB), which acts as a guideline for the military in situations of domestic conflict.
Based on MGSB documents from that time, there had been a widespread purge of officers alleged to have been supporters of the GE-len movement during the years leading up to the Feb.