MGSMMacquarie Graduate School of Management
MGSMMedium Ground Station Module
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La tasa de natalidad anual estimada en CABA fue muy superior a la estimada en MGSM (p<0.
Estos resultados parecen relacionarse con el hecho que en MGSM se han realizado campanas sistematicas de esterilizacion de caninos y felinos (Cerverizzo et al.
Las conductas de la poblacion tenedora de canes en MGSM favoreceria una alta proporcion de recambio anual en la poblacion canina.
Los resultados de la aplicacion del modelo sugieren que con niveles de esterilizacion cercanos al 13% de las hembras, la poblacion canina de CABA creceria un promedio anual del 13% y con niveles de esterilizacion del 45% de las hembras, la poblacion canina de MGSM creceria un promedio anual del 8%.
David has been an incredible asset for the students and the MGSM as a whole - and he will be dearly missed.
Dr Elizabeth More is Professor of Management and Director of MGSM at Macquarie University and Managing Director of MGSM Pty Ltd.
The MGSM MBA is structured to suit the needs of students with active professional careers and can be completed in one year of full-time study, or two or three years of part-time study.
There are more than 6,000 members of the MGSM Alumni Association, located in 41 countries.
This almost exclusive emphasis on "doing" rather than "thinking" led them to become too willing to accept the ideas and theories to which they were exposed, both in the workplace and at the MGSM.
Further, other evidence suggests that the experience of the MGSM students is not an isolated one.
I commend the MGSM for its goal to be the first business school ranked in the top 100 in the world to achieve student gender balance, and for recognising that employers have the biggest single role to play in supporting women in their careers and elevation to leadership positions.
A significant element of the MGSM s Women in MBA program is the requirement that employers provide mentoring support, as well as logistical and practical support, to those female employees throughout their studies.