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This is the application value of the MGSO algorithm in group decision-making.
Therefore, the probability and amplitude of oscillation of the agent of MGSO near the optimal solution would be much smaller than those of the standard GSO.
The choice of parameters plays an important role in the performance of MGSO algorithm.
The product was then extracted with DCM (3x20ml), dried over MgSO 4 and concentrated.
The upper layer (organic) was dried over MgSO 4 , and the products were obtained by evaporating solvents.
Foram submetidas a extracao de acidos nucleicos, utilizando kit comercial, e posteriormente a PCR com primers MGSO e GPO3 para amplificacao de Mycoplasma spp.As amostras positivas, foram entao submetidas a PCR com os primers mBOR e mBOF, para amplificacao de Mycoplasma bovis.
A solucao nutritiva foi preparada com as quantidades de fertilizantes de, em mmol [L.sup.-1], 0,36 de K[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4]; 1,17 de KN[O.sub.3]; 2,18 de Ca[(N[O.sub.3]).sub.2] e 0,71 de MgSO. Os micronutrientes foram fornecidos nas concentracoes de, em mg [L.sup.-1], 0,03 de Mo; 0,26 de B; 0,06 de Cu, 0,50 de Mn, 0,22 de Zn e 4,0 de quelato de Fe.
N medium was composed of 0.2 g K 2 HPO 4 , 0.8 g KH 2 PO 4 , 0.2 g MgSO 4 , 0.1 g CaSO 4 *H 2 O, 0.0033 g NaMoO 4 , and 0.005 g FeSO 4 *H 2 O per liter of distilled water, with 1 000 mg/L nicotine.
The reaction was performed at 65[degrees]C for 45 min in a 25-[micro]l reaction mixture consisting of 1.6 [micro]mol/L each of FIP and BIP, 0.2 [micro]mol/L each of F3 and B3, 0.4 [micro]mol/L each of LF and LB, 8 U of the Bst DNA polymerase large fragment (New England Biolabs Inc., Beverly, Mass., USA), 0.4 mmol/L dNTP, 0.1 mmol/L dUTP, 0.8 mol/L betaine, 6 mmol/L MgSO [sub]4 , 0.5 mg/ml BSA, 0.6 x EvaGreen (Biotium, Inc., CA, USA), 0.1 U/ml Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (Fermentas Inc., MD, USA), 20 mmol/L Tris-HCl (pH 8.8 at 25[degrees]C), 10 mmol/L KCI, 10 mmol/L (NH [sub]4 ) [sub]2 SO [sub]4 , 0.1% Triton X-100, and 2 [micro]l template DNA or PCR grade H [sub]2 O as negative control, and then heated at 80[degrees]C for 5 min to terminate the reaction.
In addition, NaCl, KCl, Na 2 SO 4 , ZnSO 4 , MgSO 4 , ZnCl 2 , ammonium acetate, Na 2 HPO 4 , n-butyl alcohol, MIBC, CH 2 Cl 2, CCl 4 , cyclohexane and acetone were prepared immediately before each experiment.
The liquid culture medium contained the following substances (g/L, pH 7.0): Nail powder, 10.0; K [sub]2 HPO [sub]4?3H [sub]2 O, 1.30; KH [sub]2 PO [sub]4 0.46; and MgSO [sub]4?7H [sub]2 O, 0.10.