MGSSMcGill Group for Suicide Studies (McGill University)
MGSSMusic Graduate Students' Society (McGill University)
MGSSMain Gun Signature Simulator
MGSSMuffler Grade Stainless Steel
MGSSMalaysian German Students Society
MGSSManned Geosynchronous Spacecraft Servicer
MGSSMahatma Gandhi Secondary School (various locations)
MGSSMechanical Ground Support System
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MGSS net encouragement scores did not correlate with social desirability, either for Anglo or Asian Australians.
To the students, the MGSS was less satisfactory than the TPS (mean = 3.
Thus, the MGSS may possess discriminatory power and contain warnings against regarding organizational cultures as microcosms of the national culture[11].
Alternatively, the narrow focus and consequential brevity of the MGSS may suit workers more, while not necessarily being broadly representative of real-life situations.
The comparative brevity of the MGSS may bring the advantages of ease and low cost of administration, but the same brevity imposes some limitations on its use.